Development and production system

KITZ SCT’s concept of research and development

We are committed to carrying out new technology research surveys throughout our development departments, sales departments and production departments in order to continue to provide highly reliable products that satisfy all of our customers.
Manufacturing meeting customer demands for not only general-products but also special and high value added systems.
KITZ SCT is creating fluid control devices that offer the highest level of safety, durability and reliability. A unique development and testing system to continue to create high-value added products has been constructed. KITZ SCT promises to continue to provide our customers with products that meet customer demands based on the spirit of challenge as a development-oriented company.
Product development evolving with the world’s leading technological capabilities.
Kitz SCT APC Valve product.
APC Butterfly Valves
The APC Valve replaces and performs the function of four different valves: Isolation and slow start for bypass line, Isolation and auto pressure control for main line. The optional internal and external heaters maintain fluid temperature with a maximum temperature of 190C.
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Kitz SCT IVBH series product.
The IVBH series vacuum valves have built-in spiral heaters that follow the movement of the bellows. The valve's external and the bellows internal heating units take place with the valve in either the open or closed state. These valves eliminate cold spots by heating externally and internally for a more uniform temperature. This feature will reduce byproduct buildup. The internal and external heaters have individual channels and can heat independently to an arbitrary temperatures up to 180C. In addition, a magnetic proximity open/close switch, and thermostat are available as options.
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200C Submersible Valve, Preset Cv, PFA Seat
The KDS series of valves are fully submersible up to 200C and a factory preset Cv for consistent flow over millions of cycles at max temperature. The valve has a fast actuation speed of under 30 milliseconds and available in 1/4 and 1/2 size.
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High-Speed, High-Durability Valves 200C
The TDF series is KITZ SCT's high speed/high durability valve perfect for ALD and similar type processes requiring pulsing. The actuation time of the TDF valve's sealing diaphragm is 5 milliseconds, and full cycle speed is 18 milliseconds. The valve's cycle life rating is 100 million cycles.
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KITZ SCT’s development system

KITZ SCT develops new products with its development & design, quality assurance, production management, manufacturing, and sales departments all in a cooperative effort. By developing new products from various perspectives, we quickly provide products that meet customer needs. We are also committed to developing new products on a day-to-day basis through the adoption of new technologies.
Development & Design
Production Management
Quality Assurance
New Product
Kitz SCT's design by using 3D CAD.
Design by Using 3D CAD
Kitz SCT's Example Flow Analysis.
Example Flow Analysis
Kitz SCT's various evaluation test.
Various Evaluation Test
Unique technology responding to our global customers’ trust
Based on market-oriented ideas and direction, the KITZ SCT Group continues to improve our technological capabilities in various fields, while fostering higher-functionality and higher-precision products and developing production technology in order to deliver high-quality and creative products to our customers.
Realization of excellent thermal uniformity
Kitz SCT's heating technology for thermal uniformity.
We have developed optimum heating technology to stably supply vaporized/sublimed compound materials to points of use. As well, we have developed the heating technology to secure excellent thermal uniformity for reducing the accumulation of by-products in valves.
High pressure valve series for hydrogen station
Kitz SCT high pressure products for hydrogen station.
We are committed to developing products requiring high pressure technology for the semiconductor industry and for hydrogen filling facilities for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) according to laws and regulations as a high pressure gas accredited factory.
Realization of wide-ranging pressure control
Pressure control graph of Kitz SCT products.
In order to realize wide-ranging vacuum pressure controls from high vacuum to low vacuum areas, we are creating optimum pressure control technology by fusing our control technology and original mechanical technology.