KITZ SCT Specialized Industries

KITZ SCT provides products to a variety of industries that require ultra-high purity systems that are resistant to corrosive and toxic materials.

Closeup manufacturing process of photovoltaic cells.
Semiconductor, Photovoltaic and LED
Semiconductor, photovoltaic cells and LED manufacturing processes consist of toxic and corrosive materials, extreme temperatures and precise flow control within an ultra-high purity environment. Kitz SCT's uses the best quality materials that meet or exceed the Semi industry standards and demands. Our thorough design and manufacturing process produce clean and durable components of the utmost quality. We work closely with our partners to drive the industry forward.
Closeup of Kitz SCT medical and pharmaceutical process.
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Medical and pharmaceutical processes require extremely clean and sterile environments and tools. Kitz SCT uses high quality 316L grade stainless steel for our products because of its durability within the extreme environments required in these industries. Our electropolishing process produces smooth 5Ra surface finishes keeping fluid paths clean and free of contaminants.
Helium leak testing for Kitz SCT's gas delivery and fluid control products.
The highly corrosive, inflammable, and toxic nature of widely used chemicals require components made of high grade materials and function in high pressure to vacuum environments and reduce potential leakage. Kitz SCT's gas delivery and fluid control products are required to pass helium leak testing with results of less than or equal to 1x10-9 SCCS.
Graphic representation of Kitz SCT product applications in transportation.
Today automobiles and other transport vehicles rely more on automation, the need for efficient memory in storage and distribution is higher than ever. To keep up with these new demands, semiconductor manufacturers are developing new materials to improve MEMs and other memory chips. Kitz SCT has released new products with the specifications needed for the new innovations coming through the industry.
Green energy sources.
Green Energy
As the need for renewable energy becomes ever-present, the demand for photovoltaic cells is increasing. To meet demand, gas lines within the production tools need to keep running at peak performance. Kitz SCT products are made of the highest quality of materials and maintain steady performance over millions of actuation cycles to keep tools running for longer between adjustments.
Closeup Aerospace application for Kitz SCT products.
The Aerospace industry, like many others, are integrating semiconductor tools and techniques. Thin film deposition, being a particular process that enhances the performance of aeronautic components. Kitz SCT's products, that have been in the forefront of these new technologic processes, are also being used in this new industry. Our fast actuating series delivers precise doses at .5 second actuation speed.
Super Clean Technology

Supporting our customers with a wide range of product lineup providing complete solutions from UHP fluid components and systems: from gas delivery to vacuum exhaust.

VMB…Valve Manifold Box / VMP…VM panel
Special gases supplied from gas cabinets then distributed to use point such as equipments. VMB, plays a role of distribution and supply Gases automatically. Normally, low pressure D/V are used.
Gas Cabinet
Normally special gases supplied through cylinders are stored and automatically supplied. Mainly High pressure and some low pressure D/V are used.
Hook Up
Each equipment has the gas inlet line connected with facility supply line. Those gas lines are called Hook Up and mainly D/V is used.
Submain Valve
Inert gases from CE tanks to main pipinsuppliedg then finally distributed to hook up line.
Gas Yard
Inert or non-hazardous gases are supplied from on-site tanks (CE tanks) B/V up to 10” are normally used.
Fab Equipments - Dry Process
Tools require UHP gas supply to the process chambers. KITZ SCT offers variety of valves such as high-temp valves for precursor delivery, fast switching for ALD processes, and integration service as well.
Exhaust process - Vac lines
After processes, reacted gases are exhausted by pumps to scrubbers. KITZ SCT offers wide range of exhaust valves such as slit valves, isolation valves, auto-pressure control valves, ball valves, etc.
Fab Equipment - Wet process
Tools require liquid control components. KITZ SCT offers variety of products such as PFA valves and fittings, integrations service for chem delivery / reclaim systems, DICO2 systems and DIW spray guns.
Graphic representation of various Kitz SCT product lineup solutions.