Cv/Flow Calculation Tool

Calculation formula was created by conversion factors from KITZ SCT’s own research, please use it only as a reference. Be aware that we shall assume no liability for any problems caused by the calculation results.


Cv/flow calculation tool

KSCT offers a flow/CV calculation tool as a guide for determining flow ability based on a given CV, and for determining CV, based on flow requirements. The user will input application parameters to access these features.
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KITZ SCT Categories

Gas Delivery

Kitz SCT, for gas delivery applications, offers a wide variety of UHP Diaphragm and Bellows valves for corrosive and/or toxic as well as UHP inert applications. Available are sizes from 1/8 to 1 inch sizing, and applications temperatures ranging from -10 C to 300 C. As well, we offer pressure ratings from our low pressure option of maximum 142 PSIG (0.98 MPa), Mid-Range to 190 PSIG (2 MPa), to our high pressure rated to 3000 PSIG (20 MPa). Our manual valves have a LOTO option, and our Pneumatic valves are available in normally open and normally closed.


Kitz SCT, for exhaust applications, offers a variety of options. We manufacture Vacuum Isolation Valves options for heated and non-heated applications. We provide KF flange Ball Valves heated and non-heated, as well as vacuum butterfly pressure control throttle, and vacuum gate valves. Finally, we offer our Auto Pressure Control (APC) valve providing 3 functions in Isolation, Slow Bypass, and Throttle Control.

Liquid Delivery

Kitz SCT provides liquid delivery components and a fully automated PFA Fusion Welding System. We offer PFA valves from ¼ to 1 inch in size in manual and pneumatic actuation. As well, we offer PFA variable flow control valves, pneumatic bypass valves and PFA Suckback Valves. And we provide PFA weld fittings from ¼ to 1 inch in size.