CVC Surface Seal Coupling

Kitz SCT CVC series products.

CVC Surface Seal Coupling

The CVC face seal fittings are manufactured for UHP processes. Female threads are silver plated and rolled prevent galling and create reliable connections. Wetted areas available in EP and non-EP, with surface finished as fine as 5Ra. The leak test ports are located above the gasket line for easy testing.

Product Details

Product Grade
MaterialSUS316, SUS316L, SUS316LE (Double melt material)
Surface Roughness≤ Rz 3.2 µm≤ Rz 0.7 µm
≤ Ra 0.5 µm / 20 µin≤ Ra 0.13 µm / 5 µin
PolishMechanical PolishedElectro Polished
CleaningDegreasing + Precision cleaning
PackagingSingle bagged packageDouble bagged package
*1 All gaskets are single bagged package.
*Max.temperature and pressure may be referred to the table and graph below
Production Range Table
SBBlind Gland
SReducing Gland
NutNFFemale Nut××××××
NMMale Nut
NSM Male Short Nut
NFHFemale Nut (High-flow)
NMHMale Nut (High-flow)
NBFFemale Blind Nut
NBMMale Blind Nut
RGRetainer Gasket
BGBlind Gasket
BG-LOrifice Gasket
UnionUMMale Union×OptionalOptional××
UFFemale Union ××××××
UBBulkhead Union×Optional××××
UBSBulkhead Union (Tube End) ×××Optional×
UE Union Elbow××××
UTUnion Tee
UCUnion Cross
Double unionUSFWDouble Female Union××××
UEFWDoubled Female Union Elbow
UTFWDouble Female Union Tee
UCFWDouble Female Union Cross
USMW Double Male Union
UEMWDouble Male Union Elbow
UTMWDouble Male Union Tee
UCMWDouble Male Union Cross
ManifoldMEManifold Elbow
MTManifold Tee××××
Note: Polish designator for the nuts, female unions, and gaskets are omitted from the model number for simplification purpose.
*Gasket of 316LE:1/4”,1/2” are available
Temperature and Pressure Resistance
Sleeve SizeMaximum Operating Pressure (MPa(G))
SizeOuter DiameterThickness42ºC80ºC150ºC250ºC 350ºC
3/8"9.53 125 23191715
[note] 1.Max Pressure in the table are calculated by each wall thickness.
2.Temperature above 300ºC, durability for re-assembly tend to decrease.
Type of Product
Sleeve Dimensions
Grade + Material
STD 316L
Metal Gasket
Surface Seal Fittings
2: 1/8"
4: 1/4"
6: 3/8"
8: 1/2"
12: 3/4"
Gland                    S: Gland
                               SB: Blind Gland
                               □S: Reducing Gland
Nut                        NF: Female Nut
                               NM: Male Nut
                               NSM: Male Short Nut
                               NFH: Female Nut (High-flow)
                               NMH: Male Nut (High-flow)
                               NBF: Female Blind Nut
                               NBM: Male Blind Nut
Gasket                  G: Gasket
                               RG: Retainer Gasket
                               BG: Blind Gasket
Union                    UM: Male Union
                               UB: Bulkhead Union
                               UBS: Bulkhead Union (Tube End)
                               UF: Female Union
                               UE: Union Elbow
                               UT: Union Tee
                               UC: Union Cross
Double Union      USFW: Double Female Union
                               UEFW: Double Female Union                                              Elbow
                               UTFW: Double Female Union                                              Tee
                               UCFW: Double Female Union                                              Cross
                               USMW: Double Male Union
                               UEMW: Double Male Union Elbow
                               UTMW: Double Male Union Tee
                               UCMW: Double Male Union Cross
Manifold               ME: Manifold Elbow
                               MT: Manifold Tee
1/8": 12
1/4": 15
3/8": 16
1/2": 16
3/4": 52
316: Unpolished + SUS316
STD 316: Mechanical Polished Finish + SUS316
STD 316L: Mechanical Polished Finish + SUS316L
EP 316: Electro Polished Finish + SUS316L
EP 316L: Electro Polished Finish + SUS316L
SEP 316LE: Electro Polished Finish + SUS316L (Double Melt Material)

Gasket only
NI: Electro Polished Finish + Pure nickel
316LE: Electro Polished Finish + SUS316LE (Double Melt Material)
*Gasket of 316LE:1/4",1/2" are available
Note: There is a space between the grade and the material.