Japan Manufacturing Expansion

Japan Manufacturing Expansion
November 10th, 2021

Decided to Invest in the Semiconductor Field Construction of a New Factory Building at Nitta SC Factory, KITZ SCT Corporation

KITZ Corporation (TSE First Section, Securities Code: 6498) has decided to invest in the expanding semiconductor field with the aim of the further growth of the group. We are pleased to inform you that we will invest in the construction of a new factory building and production facilities at Nitta SC Factory (Ota City, Gunma Prefecture), which is the core factory of KITZ SCT Corporation (hereinafter referred to as KITZ SCT), a wholly owned subsidiary that manufactures and sells valves and joints for semiconductor and FPD manufacturing processes.


Background to New Factory Construction

KITZ SCT provides clean, high-quality valves and joints in a wide range of fields from supply systems to exhaust systems with the keywords “Total Clean.” In August 2021, SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) revised its 2021 sales forecast for wafer fab equipment (WFE) upward to $91.4 billion, up 43.9%, and the 2022 sales forecast for WFE upward to $98.4 billion, up 7.7% in response to growing demand for semiconductors. Demand for semiconductors in 2030 is forecast to be 2.5 times that of 2020, and there is an urgent need for KITZ SCT to expand its production system in line with the growth of the semiconductor market. There is no space for increasing production at the current Nitta SC factory building, and in order to expand sales, it is necessary to expand development evaluation space for new product development at the same time. Therefore, at this time, we will build a new factory building and deploy automated production equipment to increase production capacity, expand the new product development evaluation area in the new factory building, and aim to speed up the introduction of new products into the market.


Overview of New Factory

Location:150-2 Nittakanecho, Ota City, Gunma Pref, Japan (on the premises of Nitta SC Factory)
Production Item:Valves and Joints for Semiconductor / FPD Manufacturing Processes
Total Floor Area:10,500 square meters
Building Overview:Steel Structure, three stories aboveground
Operation Start Time:January 2023 (planned)
Total Investment:Approximately 3.2 billion yen (including investment in production equipment)


Sample image of Kitz SCT's new factory building in Japan.

New Factory Image


Overview of Nitta SC Factory

Location:150-2 Nittakanecho, Ota City, Gunma Pref, Japan
Production Item:Valves and Joints for Semiconductor / FPD Manufacturing Processes
Factory Site:About 36,000 square meters
Total Floor Area:About 11,000 square meters
Main Equipment:Machine tools for valve / joint processing, internal polishing equipment, He leak testers, 3D measuring equipment and other inspection equipment, cleanrooms, cleaning equipment, ultrapure water equipment, high-purity gas purification equipment, piping welding / welding processing equipment, etc.


Corporate Data

Corporate Name:KITZ SCT Corporation
Head Office:1-5-1 Omori kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established:May 1982
Capital:300 million yen
Representative:Mitsuo Kasahara, President
Number of Employees:332 (As of October 31,2021)
Business Activities:
  • Development, manufacturing, and sales of piping products, fluid control components, gas panels, and units for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and peripheral devices
  • Development, production, and sales of units for various ultrahigh purity fluids
  • All businesses incidental to each item above